About Us

The high demand for houses in the eastern region of Jakarta and its surroundings, initiated Sinar Mas Land to build the independent city of Grand Wisata Bekasi which creates a synergy between a comfortable and beautiful residential environment. The presence of an independent city like Grand Wisata Bekasi is one of the best choices you can have. In terms of economy and social environment, independent cities can fulfill the daily needs of their residents because they are equipped with supporting and integrated infrastructure.

One of the exclusive facilities of Grand Wisata Bekasi that you can get is the toll access directly with the Tambun toll exit in the 21 km Cikampek toll road. The wide open space at Grand Wisata Bekasi is also the main attraction with the vast green open space with a grove along the road and small forest in several spots makes Grand Wisata Bekasi very worthy of being a comfortable residence for you and your family. This residence also close to the business center, making Grand Wisata Bekasi taken into account as a residence for your family that prioritizes comfort and convenience.